Clinique yuanQi is a Montreal clinic that combines traditional Chinese medicine and modern aesthetics. Our mission is to spread knowledge about health and aesthetics while empowering you on how to become a healthy and beautiful person in mind, body, and spirit.

In Chinese medicine terminology, “Yuan Qi” is the most fundamental, which is the driving force of the body’s life activities.

What Customer Think About Us

Kam Ling (Vegecooking)Kam Ling (Vegecooking)
17:31 21 May 22
Hi there, I like to share a feed back from Yuanqi ,I have a friend who had a stroke the hospital had decided to put him to the long term residence. I brought him to see Dr Chan and treated with massage and Acupunture 2 time a week start from 27 October to April besides the lock down time . He was help from two nurses to put him from wheelchair to his bed , now he can make it by himself. He can walk with someone besides him . I love to share this message for anyone who has the love one that suffer from stroke , please go to see Dr Chan .
Marie JoseeMarie Josee
19:48 04 May 22
We bought Groupon for couples massage (swedish).We arrived 5 min early. I suggest a good 15 min early if new, to fill out their 5 page questionnaire! The massage was amazing, I felt like Michelle understood where my pain was and focused on that. God bless healing hands. My bf told his masseur to not touch his left foot (had a wart). He kept it covered with a sock. His masseur did not seem to hear him because when we finished, my bf said to me sadly…he didnt rub my left leg at all! By then we were done. His masseur finished before Michelle. He was too shy to ask. I was still dressing. Only complaint would be that oversight. His masseur should have asked or confirmed to rub his leg. Also, the receptionist should take payment for the taxes on the Groupon BEFORE the massage. Not after, once we are all relaxed.
Long GLong G
01:30 21 Feb 22
I am grateful to this clinic for healing my shoulder. I fell down the stairs and almost dislocated my arm, which was so painful that I couldn’t work. After the acupuncture treatment with Chen,I felt not much pain and the next day I was able to work normally. It was amazing, Chen is very knowledgeable and patient, told me every thing what I should do after the treatment. The stuff also knowledgeable, I learned most of them were working in Chinese hospitals, the clinic disinfection is timely and very clean, thank you so much! I already booked for my next treatment and regards there as my healthcare clinic !
jiu hiumanjiu hiuman
17:40 05 Feb 22
If you looking for a acupuncture treatment, ask for Dr. Chen, he treated my back pain as well as my cervical pain! I feel so much better now than before!
22:24 23 Jan 22
Had my deep tissue massage with Kelvin. He is very knowledgeable about my condition and was able to untie the stubborn knots of my back. I have seen many different massotherapists from other clinics in the past and they were not as good as Kelvin. First time being massaged by a man and i really enjoyed it as he had a lot more strength. He is really professional and make you feel at ease. He was able to give me advice on how to manage my issue. I would definitely recommend this place.
Yahya El BabaYahya El Baba
00:27 14 Dec 21
Ask for Kevin if u are looking a for a real traditional Chinese deep tissue massage and also for reflexology!!
Lolita VictorLolita Victor
17:34 22 Oct 21
I was very happy with the massage given by Kevin.It was an amazing experience. I will definitely return.His was very polite and professional. He explained very well his technique and effectiveness.He recommended the best acupuncture doctor at the clinic for the issue with my right arm/shoulder which I might consider.Great ambiance and very nice team of therapists.Looking forward to going again soon.Lolita
Phoch AnaPhoch Ana
18:59 29 Aug 21
Really great experience, and I highly recommend this place. I booked a reflexology treatment. I had Kelvin. He was amazing and very knowledgeable. He took the time to explain to me the various points and I left the place feeling very relaxed with no more pain! Thank you for a great experience!
Ekaterina ChEkaterina Ch
03:43 19 Jul 21
The best message I have ever had. Came here for a classic Swedish massage (1 hour and 1 hour Reflexology)and had a fantastic experience with therapist. Such a relaxing and deep massage and it really helped with my neck and shoulder pain that I’ve had for a while. The lounge area is also very relaxing and serene. Best massage and great service all around, definitely booking another treatment soon! Highly recommend this place.

Pain, insomnia, depression, emotional problems, cardiovascular diseases, facial paralysis, breast lumps, menstruation, gynecological problems, infertility, chloasma, acne and other skin problems, Etc..

Our clinic insists on inheriting innovation and strives to inherit and carry forward the advantages of Chinese medicine in various fields.

  • Consultation
    Our clinic highlights the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and effectively improves the efficacy of treating common and multiple diseases. The therapist in charge has all been in clinical practice for more than 4 years. current els eases and saving lives.
  • Massage
    Therapy there are a number or conditions tat deep tissue massage therapy can wear. Chronic pain in the lower back. plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, and stiff necks can all be treated with massage therapy. 
  • Moxibustion
    Moxibustion is a form of therapy that entails the burning of mugwort leaves. This is a small, spongy herb that is believed to enhance healing with acupuncture. As such. the leaves are burnt close to the skin’s surface using a stick to apply heat.

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Adhering to the concept of TCM, we employ senior TCM practitioners with rich experience in clinical practice, theoretical and methodological prescriptions and dialectical treatment.

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Inheriting the wisdom of the millennium, taking care of your physical and mental health, integrating the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, glowing with a new face of beauty! Our clinic highlights the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and effectively improves the efficacy of treating common and multiple diseases.