Anti-Aging Revolution

TriLift® Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

The only one in Montreal, located at YuanQi Health Management Center

Lumenis introduces a new type of muscle stimulation treatment, focusing on lifting the surface and muscle layers of the skin. TriLift stimulates three key elements — facial muscles, skin structure (epidermis, dermis, connective tissue, fat, and nerves), and subcutaneous muscle layer — to achieve an overall lifting effect on the face without surgery or injections.

triLift Results

Suitable for all skin tones and ages, with immediate results!
  • Deep muscle lifting
    TriLift works deep in the facial muscles, providing comprehensive lifting and firming. This makes TriLift one of the most superior treatments. Muscle lifting not only improves facial contour but also rejuvenates the face, making it more youthful. Traditional methods focus mainly on the skin surface.
  • Improves skin quality
    Can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and improve the skin’s firmness and texture. Even for those with severe issues, this treatment can help achieve youthful skin over time.
  • Immediate visible results
    You can see the lifting and wrinkle-reducing effects after the first treatment. Suitable for those looking to improve their skin quality immediately.
  • Non-invasive
    TriLift uses microcurrent and radiofrequency waves without surgery or injections, providing a safer, painless, and side-effect-free experience.
  • Painless/No downtime
    You can resume normal activities immediately after the treatment, with no pain or discomfort during the process.
  • Long-lasting effects
    The treatment stimulates the deeper layers of the skin, making the effects last longer, and helps improve the skin’s quality and elasticity.

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