Appointment Questions

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment directly by phone.

How do I confirm that my appointment was successful?

If your appointment is successful, you will receive an SMS notification from us with information related to your appointment.

Can I change my appointment time at any time?

If you need to change your appointment time, you need to call us at least one day in advance to let us know.

Can I cancel my appointment at any time?

If you want to cancel your appointment, you need to call us at least one day in advance to let us know.

Can I make an appointment for a friend?

Yes, you can make an appointment for your friend, you just need to tell us your friend’s name and contact information.

Can I make an appointment directly with the therapist?

Yes, but if this is your first appointment with one of our therapists, you will need to make an appointment for a consultation first.

Can I get a service on Walk-in?

Sorry, we do not accept walk-in guests. You need to make a reservation with us in advance to ensure we have a place for you.

Can I be in the same room as my friend?

Yes, you can get service in a double room with a friend

What happens if I am late for my appointment?

If you are unable to arrive at the time of your reservation, please call us in advance so that we can confirm that there will be a place for you when you arrive.
We will make sure there is a place for you when you arrive.

What payment is accepted?

We accept different kinds of cards, including Visa, mastercard, debit ……..

Insurance Questions

How do I know if my insurance company can cover the receipt?

You need to confirm your rights with your insurance company.

How much of my insurance can I cover?

You will need to check with your insurance company for specific details of your coverage.

Can I get insurance receipts if I buy the package?

Yes, we can also provide receipts for the packages you purchase.

Can I get a receipt back if I forget to ask for one?

Yes, just contact our reception and tell us the date you have completed the service.

Acupuncture Issues

Can I make an appointement for acupuncture treatement directly?

Yes, but if this is your first appointment with us, you will need to make an appointment for a consultation first.

Can I do acupuncture and massage services on the same day?

Yes, you can book multiple services with our receptionist.

Can children have acupuncture?

Acupuncture is also available for children, and the specific treatment needs to be evaluated by us before proceeding.

What should I be paying attention to before doing acupuncture?

You should not be too tired before acupuncture, not have an empty stomach, and wear loose clothing for acupuncture treatments.

What am I supposed to do during acupuncture?

Do not move during the period of acupuncture, listen to our instructions and cooperate with the treatment.

How long does the acupuncture process take?

The usual acupuncture time is 40 minutes, but if the case is special please follow our instructions.

How many treatments does acupuncture process take?

Depending on your pathology, we will make a judgment and tell you how many treatments are needed.

Is it normal for me to be uncomfortable after acupuncture?

After acupuncture, there will be many sensations, such as soreness, numbness, heaviness, swelling, and even pain, all of which are needle sensations and are normal.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture treatment is generally painless, and the local sensation of soreness, numbness, swelling and heaviness is also an effective response to acupuncture.

Massage Issues

How many types of massage services do I can choose?

We have 6 types of massage services to choose from, please see our service page Massage.

What do I need to do for my first massage at the clinic?

When you make an appointment you will need to fill out a patient intake form.

Can I choose the massage therapist I want?

Yes, you can choose your preferred massage therapist.

Can I choose a female therapist?

Yes, you can choose a female masseuse but you have to do it for the necessary reasons.

Can I switch from a Swedish massage to a Deep Tissue massage?

Yes, but you need to change it before you do the service, if you change it during the service, the service time does not change.

Can I have multiple massage services at the same time?

Yes, you can book multiple services with our receptionist.

Can I have a massage without taking off my clothes?

Yes, but you need to tell our receptionist in advance.

If I buy a package is it the same massage therapist?

Yes, you can ask your preferred therapist to continue the service for you.

Should I tip my therapist?

Of course, the Quebec Association of Massage Therapists strongly recommends that clients should tip their massage therapists as a token of appreciation and respect.

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