Sherine Qi

The Founder of Clinique yuanQi Health Management
The Founder of Académie de la yuanQi Médecine douce de Montréal

  • Graduated from Southwest University, majoring in journalism and media.
  • Graduated from JJTCMC Traditional Chinese Medicine College
  • Graduated from Laurier Macdonald Vocational Centre, majoring in Aesthetics Program
  • Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Executive Director of Chongqing TV Station

Communicator of Chinese traditional culture
Luo’s Osteopathic Successor
Registered TCM Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Naturopath in Canada
Registered Aesthetician in Canada

Following Luo’s orthopedic method, it uses 22 checking maneuvers and 37 treatment maneuvers. Repositioning, correcting, connecting bones, adjusting tendons, correcting wrong joints, etc. are the characteristics of its techniques.
Chinese medicine for insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, constipation, breast tumors, menopause, mood disorders, chronic cough, men’s health, etc.

The use of internal and external treatment to slow down the aging of the body, with traditional Chinese medicine and herbal dietary therapy or health care products to adjust the body internally, with photorejuvenation, Trilift muscle dynamic anti-aging, gold micro-needling and radiofrequency therapy to slow down the external shape of the body and the face of aging.