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Naturopathy is the natural approach to the treatment of disease, which differs frommainstreamwestern medicine and is classified as “alternative medicine”. Naturopathy encompasses many different treatment modalities, but there are essentially several main points: Man and nature areone.

As products and components of nature, human beings are constantly influenced and controlled by nature with regard to their physiological functions and pathological changes. In order to survive, mankind has discovered and created different ways to use nature to treat diseases – naturopathy in the fight against nature. Naturopathy” refers to the non-invasive and painless natural treatment methods other than surgery, radiation therapy and synthetic chemical drugs.

Study program

Includes 1305 hours of theoretical and practical courses. The program covers the following topics.

  • Curriculum for Tui Na TCM (I) (435 hours)
  • Curriculum for Tui Na MTC (II) (670 hours)
  • Food Nutrition I (40 hours)
  • Food Nutrition II (30 semester hours)
  • Aromatherapy (20 credit hours)
  • Clinical Internship (110 hours)

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