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Tui Na

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Tui na, Chinese medicine uses the hands on the human body in accordance with the meridians andacupuncture points using pushing, holding, lifting, pinching, rubbing and other techniques to treat.

Tui-na is also known as “pressing stilts”, “stilts lead”, “case low stool”, etc. Tui-na is a non- pharmacological natural therapy and physical therapy. Tui na is a non-drug natural therapy andphysical therapy.

Usually, the practitioner uses his or her own hands on the patient’s body surface, injured parts, discomfort, specific acupuncture points, and painful places, specifically using a varietyof techniques and forces such as pushing, holding, pressing, rubbing, pinching, pointing, and patting, in order to achieve the therapeutic effect of dredging the meridians, promoting qi andblood, alleviating pain, eliminating evil spirits and helping the positive, harmonizing yin and yang, and prolonging life.

Syllabus and Curriculum

There are 2 levels of TCM massage

Level 1: Includes 40 hours of theoretical and practical courses. The program covers the following topics.

  • History of Tui Na in Chinese Medicine
  • Pathology
  • Meridian and Acupoint Theory
  • Tui Na manipulation methods
  • Combined application of Tui Na techniques
  • Clinical indications for treatment
  • Clinical contraindications
  • Clinical Practice

Level 2: Includes 80 hours of theoretical and practical courses. The program covers thefollowing topics.

  • Traumatology Tui Na
  • Visceral Tui Na
  • Pediatric Tui Na
  • Clinical Practice

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